Lavender cushions

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  • On 15/07/2020
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Lavender is in bloom! Its smells is just perfect and flowers are now waiting for our little burlaps!

Img 1094

This year,I will sew mini linen cushions with a 'Lavender' textile tag.

I have a beautiful botanic book that I'am never tired of looking .... lavender drawings are there of course!


Img 1079

Here they are, a little modified and adapted to the size of the cushions I wanted to make.


Lavande 4     Lavande   Lavande 2

I printed them on textile. It is very simple if your printer allows it. Just tape a piece of linen (I used a cream linen) on a sheet of paper. 
Use our designs and launch your printer. The inks will not be fixed and may disappear with water. Realization of the cushion:

What you need:

- 2 pieces of linen (18x11 cm)

- accessories (button, lace or any accessory you like)

-Lavender of course

Center & sew the printed tag on on piece of linen. Sew your button.

Place both rectangles of linen, right side on right side.

Sew them, leave a small side open.

Turn the cushion on the right side, iron it slightly and fill it with lavender.


Img 1080

Close the opened side using invisible stitches.

I wish you a nice & perfumed summer!



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