Sheep pocket

Hop Hop Hop!

Here is a good idea to use your new sheep buttons.


Be inspired by our design to realise some embroideries on a linen. Use backstitches and knot stitches for the red "fruits".

Sew all on a nice pocket or a bag you will make. I like linen fabric because it goes well with the light brown color of the sheeps.

Sew all buttons, a lace and the fabric of course, included in the pack.... Photo sendinblue



It is easy!






  • clareuebbing
    • 1. clareuebbing On 08/06/2020
    I bought 4 items from you at Market in Nashville. I have requested a receipt so that I know how much to charge for each item.
    2 red trucks and stars package
    2 Mini Cadre.

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