• Easy Summer Bags

    Easy Summer Bags




    New ideas for a new summer: fans of scrapbooking, customize your bags and purses! The recipe is simple: just a few fabrics, papers, glue, buttons of course ( ) and decorative accessories as well as a little of imagination to create nice bags!



    Details, details, details :





    Our cute inspired "seaside" patchwork bag


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    It's so cute, right?

  • Summer 2017


    Summer 2017


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    Weather is nice and warm. It’s time to rest and do what you enjoy most.

     Here are some new inspirations with pretty charms!

    Charms to hang on your bags, keys or to decorate your home…. Using our packs of buttons and cute fishes and some of your favorite laces, here is our selection of keys holders and other “gri gris” that we have made:


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      The Bee Company  wishes you a great holidays for this Summer 2017!

  • The Bee Company is ready for the 4th of July!

    Let's celebrate the 4th of July with our patriotic buttons!

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    Time to decorate your home and invite your friends at your 4th of July party!

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    Here simply stick a piece of fabric and a nice lace on a cardboard, then print the declaration of independance and add it. To finish, customize it with our buttons  (Réf : TB3CP).

    Photo Album3carte2 tb3cp 2

    For this invitation card simply use our packaging. Just add a nice lace at the bottom and a tag.

    Now, you are getting ready to celebrate with your family and friends! 


    For your quilt and cross stitch projects, choose one of our patterns

                                                                            P3cp 1                                                           P3CL photo 2

    Have a nice craft day!

  • Scrapbooking Tags

    Scrapbooking Tags


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    Here we are again with new DIYs! Technique we used is similar to our previous post (see here:

    Be creative with our really easy Spring inspirations tags  (all items are available on our website):




     This time, we decided to use decorative birds buttons  (ref: TD21C). Here is the tutorial in 5 easy steps:


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    Step 1: Get some glue, a tag, a paint brush, a piece of fabric (with the pattern of your choice), scissors, some thread, white and sand lace, and decorative buttons (ref: TD21C) as shown above.

    Step 2: Cut the fabric and stick it in the middle of the tag.

    Step 3: Once dried, glue the white lace thread on the edges.

    Step 4:  Cut out a piece of sand lace and stick it down the bottom of your fabric. Do the same with the decorative bird-shaped button.

    Step 5:  Get the thread through the bird cage, form a knot, add the white lace and then pass it through the hole of the tag.




    Finished! Your scrapbooking tag is ready: give them to your loved ones or use them to brighten up your home!







  • Spring Time!

    Spring Time!

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    Spring is at the corner! It is time to get inspirations and ideas for patchwork:  here is a simple, funny and easy DIY to do with items you already have at home! Follow the step-by-step instructions to create customizable tags (with some of our products):




    Step 1: Get some glue, a tag, a paint brush, a piece of cloth (with the pattern of your choice), scissors, some thread and a lace thread, plus some decorative buttons (optional).

    Step 2: Cut the fabric and stick it in the middle of the tag

    Step 3: Once dry, stick the lace thread on the edges

    Step 4: Pass the thread through the decorative buttons and then through the hole of the tag

    Step 5: Choose how to customize it




    And you are done! You can offer them to your loved ones (Birthdays, Mother’s day or at any occasions) or even decorate your house!



  • Made by heart

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    An easy patchwork to realize with the pack of 6 heart buttons (ref: TB3CR).

    Easy way to realize this lovely patchwork :

    • Place 4 rectangles of flowered fabric on each side of your embroidery. Sew them.
    • Copy the packaging model on your embroidery with 2 embroidery threads.
    • Decorate with our heart buttons and a nice lace. Sew it as a cushion.

    Et voilà ! You have now a beautiful patchwork to offer or to decorate your house !

    Tb3cr 2

  • Spring Tulips in your House!


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    An easy door hanger to realize with the pack of Tulip buttons... Copy our design on your favourite fabric...

                                                             Tb66 photo 1


    Stitch it using backstitches for the flowers with 2 threads of embroidery cotton. Have fun mixing the colors with our buttons.

    Place 4 rectangles of flowered fabric on each side of your embroidery. Sew them.

    Place a nice cotton on top of it. Sew 3 edges and turn on right side.

    Fill it and finish it....

    Some buttons, a nice lace... Hang it! Spring is in your house!

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