• Lavender cushions


    Lavender is in bloom! Its smells is just perfect and flowers are now waiting for our little burlaps!

    Img 1094

    This year,I will sew mini linen cushions with a 'Lavender' textile tag.

    I have a beautiful botanic book that I'am never tired of looking .... lavender drawings are there of course!


    Img 1079

    Here they are, a little modified and adapted to the size of the cushions I wanted to make.


    Lavande 4     Lavande   Lavande 2

    I printed them on textile. It is very simple if your printer allows it. Just tape a piece of linen (I used a cream linen) on a sheet of paper. 
    Use our designs and launch your printer. The inks will not be fixed and may disappear with water. Realization of the cushion:

    What you need:

    - 2 pieces of linen (18x11 cm)

    - accessories (button, lace or any accessory you like)

    -Lavender of course

    Center & sew the printed tag on on piece of linen. Sew your button.

    Place both rectangles of linen, right side on right side.

    Sew them, leave a small side open.

    Turn the cushion on the right side, iron it slightly and fill it with lavender.


    Img 1080

    Close the opened side using invisible stitches.

    I wish you a nice & perfumed summer!


  • folding furoshiki way

    You have small pieces of fabrics that hang out and you don't know how to use them, discover the art of Furoshiki!


    Furoshiki, traditional technique of Japanese packaging, is the art of reusing fabrics and textils
    for decorative and creative projects. 
    It is an ecological and original alternative in gift wrapping for your family and friends or just for your own fun.
    I had the opportunity to test this art by taking inspiration from various tutorials and fabrics that were hanging in
    my workshop. It requires a little patience but it's worth it and l was really proud of my little gift wrap.
    Discover them, l use few of our buttons, tags, or you can also use ribbons, cards..


    Furo bleu derriere photo 2    Furo zoome photo 2


    I found some tips on the links below:

  • Heart in hand

    I am glad to show you the amazing work of an american designer that I especially like: Cecilia Turner.

    Bluebirds nest med 2

    She is the founder and designer of Heart in Hand Needleart.

    The company was founded in 1994 and is famous today for its different crossstitch designs, kits or leaflets.

    We admire the attention she puts in details through her crosstitch artwork. Here, each element brings more personality and depth to the sheet she imaginated. 

    Buttons had, sometimes, the chance and opportunity to slide through them, in order to blend with the atmosphere of a design made in america. 




  • Scrap "Love"

    We allways should say "I love you" to the ones we cherish!

     What a better way to do it than a nice card created by you with a lot of love.

    Charming & just simple... here is the card my Friend Chantal created with the buttons "birds & heart".


    Img 5857

    The buttons exist in cream...

    Tb4ce photo  and also in Burgundy for other nice projects.     Tb4cr


    Here is the link of Chantal's blog for all a great ideas:

    A nice creative day to all of you!


  • Let's scrap!

    Lif is allways full of nice creative surprises!

    In mine, I crossed Chantal, a  charming "Scrap" girl, adorable and so delicate.  I challenged here and she decided to use my buttons for her scrapbooking projects. 

    I am so proud now to show you her beautifuls scraps.  

    Here is her card, for all the "Valentine" girls!

    Carte smile

    She used the allways loved heart buttons and a linen color mini frame for a little message.

    Tb3cr photo 2014           Tc11l photo

    For the creation of the card, Chantal has her little secrets. Here is her blog to discover them!


    A great creative day to you all!


  • Christmas tags

    Img 5924 For Christmas, I have decided to create my own tags. 

    It is so easy! You need a tag, some fabrics (we all have them right!), nices laces, papers and few buttons.

     You cut, and glew them following your creativity.

     Here are some of my ideas to help you getting inspired. Find all our items with our retailors.


    Img 5885                          Img 5878                     Img 5886     


  • Sheep pocket

    Hop Hop Hop!

    Here is a good idea to use your new sheep buttons.


    Be inspired by our design to realise some embroideries on a linen. Use backstitches and knot stitches for the red "fruits".

    Sew all on a nice pocket or a bag you will make. I like linen fabric because it goes well with the light brown color of the sheeps.

    Sew all buttons, a lace and the fabric of course, included in the pack.... Photo sendinblue



    It is easy!




  • "Summer cherries" Door hanger

    It's summertime and we love our garden, take some time off to stitch!

    Here is our new door hanger 'Cherry time" (Le temps des cerises) ;a really easy idea to realize.


    You will need:

    Some buttons (ref TB63) 

    some of your favourite fabrics : cream cotton for the central panel, printed fabric 

    a nice lace

    a lace to hold the cushion

    A needle, some embroidery threads assorted to your fabrics, cissors, a water erasable pencil for fabrics and all materials you usually have to sew.

    A sheet of Cottonjet: a special fabric you can use in your regular printer (follow all instructions of each brand).

    We used this fabric to print the text "Le temps des cerises". 



    Cut a rectangle of cream fabric for the central panel.

    Transfer the design of our packaging on the panel, using an erasable pencil.

     Make your embroideries using the following stitches (using 1 stand of the embroidery thread) :

    - Laisy Daisy stitches for the tree and leaves   Cerise1


    - backstitches for the grass                                       Cerise2


    - running stitches for the tree and around the leaves 

    You can add the printed fabric included in our pack of buttons to the back of the embroidered panel, or just a nice lace.

    Sew all buttons as well as the Cottonjet text.

    Cut 2 stripes of fabrics: 20.5x9 cm and add 1/2 cm for seam allowances.

      Sew them on each side of the central panel.

      Place a nice fabric (for the back of the cushion) on the central panel, right side on right side.

    Sew 3 edges, leave the upper one open.

    Turn the cushion on the right side. Iron it and fill it.

     Close the open edge using invisible running stitches. Place your lace to hold your nice door hanger.

    Have fun doing it!